How to update activation using LexActivator?



I want to update the activation to update metadata using LexActivator.
Can LexActivator realize the operation equivalent to the following Web API?

If possible, how should I call the LexActivator API?

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Hi Miles,

You can use SetActivationMetadata () function. License metadata is readonly for client and should only br updated from dashboard or server script. Client can set and update activation metadata.


Thank you for your answer.

I confirmed that metadata can be updated by calling the SetActivationMetadata () function.
However, the update was not immediately synchronized to the server.
I want to force update of metadata.
Is there such a way?


Hi Miles,

The update will only occur on server sync. server sync occurs every time you start your app, and till you don’t exit the app the further syncs occur at serverSyncInterval value of the license which can be set to as low as 180s, though recommended value is 3600s.

Though a force update can be done by recalling ActivateLicense() but that is not recommended.