How to search and retrieve the license info of an user (an user who activated the license) based on their email


In my Cryptlex account, I created a customer based on the purchaser’s email.

The customer bought many licenses, each with a different number of activations.

Now the customer sent me an email, asking me to deactivate the license from a user (He shared only the user’s email). Since the customer purchased many licenses, each with a different number of activations, I couldn’t exactly find which license key is associated with the email of the user.

How do I search and find the license key based on the user email, instead of peeping into each license info manually?


There are two ways to find the license key using the email. First, In the search box of the license table search for an email associated with the user and second go to the users page click view licenses for the user email.

Hi syed-faizan,

Thanks for the reply. I’m already quite aware of these options.

However, my question is slightly different. Let’s say a person, named A buys multiple licenses each with a different number of activations. In Cryptlex, I use A’s email for all these licenses.

One of the licenses has some 300 activations, and used by 100s of end-users in the Enterprise. Now A sends me the email ID of one of those end-users, and asks me to deactivate the licenses used by that user.

How would I go about identifying the list of licenses used by that user in a single search function, rather than manually navigating to each of the licenses’ activations?

For me, the global search in the user and licenses panes show only the email of A, and not the end-users’ emails.



Where are you storing the email address of the end-user? Is it activation metadata?

In your scenario, it is best to allow the end-user to deactivate the license activation from the app itself or use floating licenses (which auto-deactivate when not in use).