How to distribute the product with license and capture user details

I am not sure if I am missing a trick here but I set up a product and the policy for licence and trial and I am using the LexActivator to manage the access etc.

The release now shows an email as below but this throws a 401 error?

The other question is that the LexActivator document refers to pasting in a Key for the product but no where on the dashboard can I find the key to add to the code?

My final question is where and how do the customers enter their name and email address when registering on the site and how does the site help me control who has paid/not paid?

Perhaps it would help if we had a process flow chart?



Hi Phil,

If you are using the LexActivator, then you must have called ActivateLicense() function to activate the product. It requires that should have called SetLicenseKey() function earlier. So, to generate license keys you click the Product in the products table and on right top click the “Licenses” button, or simply click the “Total Licenses” link in the Products table.

When your customer pays for the product using any payment processor, you generate the license key on confirmation of the payment, and mail your customer the license key and optionally the download url (in case you want to secure the distrubution as well).

When your customer starts your app you check for the license, if not present your customer enters the license key to activate the product and then is authorised to use it.

For web integration part check the following:

In case you want your customers to self manage the license keys, you can create users in the dashboard and link those users with the license key. Then your customers can login to Cryptlex dashboard to see their license keys.

Hi have another question on the above…
What is the advantage of letting users manage license keys if they are only buy a product for their personal PC? Do not see a need would that be correct?

Can understand if its a business with many licences to manage in house.


Hi Phil,

Yes, it is primarily meant for companies with many licenses.