How does a new user purchase a license



Are there instructions on how a user purchases a new license for my product? Or at least a URL that they can access?



Hi Anna,

Which payment processor are you using? If it’s PayPal, Stripe etc. it can be setup with just few clicks using Zapier or you can use the Web API.


Oh, is the purchase done from within the program?


Purchase is usually done from your website, wherein you add a buy button which would usually redirect your customer to the buy page of your payment processor. When payment succeeds, the payment processor will notify Cryptlex, to generate a license key, which then would be mailed to the user.


Do I get a website on, or do I have to make my own in my own domain?


You need your own website. If you don’t want to have a website, you can directly provide your customer the buy page link of your payment processor. For example if you use PayPal, it gives you a unique link (web page) where in your customers can pay for your product.


I don’t want to use a web-based payment option. Is there a way for me to enable a user using the dashboard once I approve for them to have a license?


Yes, definitely you can. So when you want to provide your customer access to the customer portal, you just need to login to the dashboard, click users, and create a new user(customer). Then create a new license and link the user with the license.

Then you can either share the license key with your customer or the login credentials which you created for the user.


Thanks Adnan. I can’t seem to find the option to link the user with the license. I have created a license and a trial license.


You seem to have created only a license policy which just acts as a blueprint for licenses. First click the product and in the products table click the 0 Licenses column to go to licenses page wherein you can create licenses.


Thanks! looks like it worked.