How do I remove an existing license file(s)?

I just bought a retail license for ProGrade “Refresh Pro”. I cannot activate the software with my valid license because the electron framework says something like “hardware has changed for existing license”.

The existing license expired years ago!!!

I have contacted ProGrade but I know that all they will do is offer me a refund; I want the software I bought to WORK.

Can anyone tell me where macOS stores the Cryptlex license file so I can delete the old one, PLEASE?

I have searched every folder on macOS without success, so it must have a pretty cryptic name.

Thanks and regards,

Hi Michael,

You can remove it from the following location:

~/Library/Application Support/iConf/

But if the license hasn’t been deactivated (your old machine unlinked from the license), you will get a license activation limit reached error when you will try to activate the license again.

It seems they haven’t handled this exception properly in their code, which is causing you this trouble.


Thanks for your prompt, expert response! All fixed now, and I shall let ProGrade know.