How do I determine if a license is a floating license, client-side

How do I determine on the client side if a license is a standard node-locked license, or a hosted-floating license? I need to know whether to deactivate the license when the app closes, and I don’t see anything obvious in the API or docs.

I want to support both standard node locked licenses, and floating licenses. It was my assumption that this information would be cached locally with the other activation data and available through an API call. If it isn’t, it means I have to bypass the LexActivator API myself, send an HTTP request to get the license info, parse it, extract the license type, and potentially cache that info myself, independent of the library API. Sound about right? This also means locally storing (and encrypting) an access token and the user key, which presumably you’re doing as well.

If that’s the case, consider this a request to enable the storage and querying of this value through the LexActivator API, as it seems redundant for me to use it for everything else, but not this.

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Is the LexActivator source available anywhere? Given that the entire API is http based, and you’ve said that the LexActivator is a relatively thin client around it, is there a strong reason to keep that code private?

Hi Jason,

The information about license type is already stored, but not exposed using any API function. We will add that to the API.

LexActivator among other things does device fingerprinting, vm detection, time tampering protection etc. which can’t be open sourced.

The new API endpoint GetLicensetype() has been added in v3.0.2

Thank you for doing this so quickly. Much appreciated.