Hosted Floating, Server sync grace period


I want to allow Hosted Floating licences, 1 hour lease, with no grace period. I don’t want the user to be able to lease a licence then disconnect their machine from the internet and continue to use the licence for more than an hour - because then presumably after an hour he could lease the same licence from another online machine.

The minimum grace period seems to be 1 day, because setting to 0 means infinite? Am I misunderstanding something here about the grace period for Hosted Floating licences?

Hi Daniel,

License expiration and lease expiration are different. Grace period affects license expiration and not the lease expiration. In your case, the license callback will notify you if the lease was renewed successfully or failed to renew.

Hi Adnan,

Can you please explain what happens in the scenario that Daniel mentioned?

  1. A user activates a machine using a license having “Allowed Activations” set to “1”, “Lease Duration” set to “3630 secs” and “Server sync grace period” set to “30 days”.

  2. Now the user disconnects the machine from internet.

  3. Post 3630 seconds, the user tries to activate another machine using the same license.

Will the second activation succeed as the lease duration of the first activation has already expired? Or would the activation be active in the server till the grace period is over (in this case 3630 secs plus 30 days)?

Would be great if you can throw some light here.


Hi Aby,

In the case of a hosted floating license Server Sync Grace Period does not make much sense because here the presence of an internet connection is a must (to renew a lease).

So in this case it is the lease duration that decides for what period will the activation remain valid or seen on the dashboard. The presence of an internet connection helps in the renewal of lease duration.

Yes, the second activation will succeed in this case because after 3630 the activation will automatically get deleted since the lease was not renewed.

In case you want to use a floating license in an offline environment you can use an On-premise floating license for more please refer to the documentation.