GetLicenseTotalActivations Returns Incorrect Count


I have a client who has activated his license on 2 computers, but GetLicenseTotalActivations on his machine returns 3.

If I log into the portal and check the license activations, I see only 2. I have asked the client to force a “resynch” by calling ActivateLicense from the client again, which he has done, and I can see in the portal that his activation was last synched only minutes ago. But still, even after activating/resynching again, GetLicenseTotalActivations still returns 3.

Is there any reason why the “activation count” in the activation data stored locally on his machine would not be updated following a successful call to ActivateLicense?

PS: The second machine correctly shows the total activations as 2. It’s just the one machine where it shows 3. I have asked him to deactivate and reactivate on that machine - same problem.


Hi @deonvn,

Thanks for reaching out. Our team will investigate the issue and get back to you soon.


Any update on this?


Our team has investigated the issue and confirmed that it is a bug. Rest assured, our team is in the process of fixing it and will keep you updated accordingly.

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