GetLicenseMetadata can't be called from Matlab

according to Github I try to call GetLicenseMetadata from Matlab. However, I get the error:

Error using calllib
Array must be numeric or logical or a pointer to one

Error in Cryptlex/check_license (line 15)
            [status, metadataKey, metadataValue] = calllib('LexActivator','GetLicenseMetadata', toString('SMS'), blanks(256), uint32(256));

Here, SMS is a metadata field.
What is the problem, can anyone help?
Thank you!

The issue is resolved using

[status, metadataKey, metadataValue] = calllib(‘LexActivator’,‘GetLicenseMetadata’, toString(‘SMS’), 256, 256);
To evaluate the key and value, do char(metadataKey) or char(metadataValue)

Thanks for sharing the info. I guess the example on Github doesn’t cover the behaviour on every OS.