GET activation metadata by me API

I’m using Cryptlex webapi for our product licensing.

Can customers get metadata for their activation information?
I would like to provide users with tools that use WebAPI.
I was able to get a list of activations with this API.
However, the metadata was empty.
I was able to get metadata with this API.
I used a token for administrators.

Are you using Web API for license activation too?

Thank you for the answer

License activation is done from the application.
The application is using “Cryptlex.LexActivator.dll”
Sorry, I’m not a developer, so I don’t know the details of the source code.

You can’t metadata currently using the /me/licenses endpoint. But you can use notes (license property) to display some info to your customers.

Thank you for the answer

I want to display the activation metadata (attached image)
Is it possible to get metadata using /me/activations endpoint?

This is a bug in the documentation. Currently, metadata is not available in the /me/licenses endpoint. We will consider adding it through a flag in near future.