Generating poduct license using admin user



I’m currently integrating cryptlex into an existing C# application. I have created a policy and a product. Now I wish to create a product license key for myself for test purposes. I am configured as a user with “admin role” with full access.

When I try to add a license key for my product it does not recognise me as a user. I am unable to add my self as a “normal user” as I already exist!

Am I doing something wrong or do I need to create another user called “Developer” or similar ?

I also have a second question - is it possible for my client application to read and then update some “metadata” to record the number of times my client application has been run ? (which can then be interrogated by admin). If so, do I use “activation” metadata or some other metadata ?




In dashboard go to User section and create a user. Licenses are attached to users, (dashboard skips users with admin role)

Yes, you can use Set/GetActivationMetadata() functions, and data will appear under activations in dashboard.


Sorry I might not have been clear in my original post…

When I try to generate a product license using a admin user I get the message "Invalid user id ‘…’! however when I try to create a user with the same first name, last name and email address as the admin user I get the message “Email is already taken”!

“Dashboard skips users with admin role” - does this mean its not possible to create a product license for a user with admin role for test / develop purposes ?


You don’t need to associate a user with a license at all, it’s completely optional, if you just want to test it.

If your admin email id is [email protected], then create a user with email [email protected], for testing purpose. Gmail treats them as a single email