Generate Offline Activation Request file

The documentation for the GenerateOfflineActivationRequest function states that I need to call the SetLicenseKey function prior to calling the GenerateOfflineActivationRequest function. My question is what is the argument that is passed into the SetLicenseKey function, since the customer won’t have a license key yet? Is it the Product Id? I thought the license key is what is returned to the customer.


The argument passed into the SetLicenseKey() will always be a license key.
The end-user is expected to have a license key before generating the activation request. You will have to use GenerateOfflineActivationRequest() which will generate an activation request for the end-users machine. The end-user then needs to share this file so that you can generate the activation response which you will download and share with the end-users as this file is passed as an argument to ActivateLicenseOffline().

Your Customers can generate the response on their own using our customer portal. In this case, you only need to share the license key and the steps for generating the offline activation response with your customers. This can save you on product support.


Hi Ahmad,

So without the end-user using the customer portal, the end-user will have to send me the file created by the GenerateOfflineActivationRequest() function, and I will then return a .dat license file AND a license key. Does that sound correct?

You are almost correct, except that the license key needs to be shared first because before calling the GenerateOfflineActivationRequest() function, a license key must be set using the SetLicenseKey() function for which you will have to share the license key with the customer.