Force synchronize when we use SetActivationMetada

We would like using metadata to gather informations on how our customers use our application. But it seems when we set metadata activation, we have to wait the next sync between local Lexactivator and your server before we receive the new data.
Can we force a sync with the server when we call SetActivationMetada as when we increment/decrement any meter attribute ?


Meter attributes increments/decrements happen in real-time and require an internet connection.

Activation metadata updates are synced on server sync. You can decrease the server sync time up to 180 secs (if that helps).

Thanks for your answer,

When you said metadata doesn’t require an internet connection, do you mean we never receive any error/exception if we try set metadata activation when we are offline (or can’t connect to CryptLex server) ?

Yes, activation metadata fields are always stored/updated locally and synced with the server on the server sync.