Float server unexpectedly returns "Error code: 58"



Could you please have a look at the following issue. We have a float server instance v3.0.3 and a valid key with the “Loose” fingerprint validation strategy. Float server is activated on a VM with the key and was working as expected for some time, but at some moment it started failing leasing a license seat with the following output in the log:

  1. [2019-08-28, 10:25:23] Info: License Refreshed:
  2. [2019-08-28, 10:26:02] Info: License Drop Request from:
  3. [2019-08-28, 10:26:02] Info: License Dropped:
  4. [2019-08-28, 10:26:02] Info: Total Leased Licenses: 0
  5. [2019-08-28, 14:36:25] Error: License not activated! Please activate the license using a license key.
  6. [2019-08-28, 14:36:25] Error code: 58
  7. [2019-08-28, 14:36:26] Error: Total license count not available

Look at the lines 4-5, where the server transit from working to failing state.

When we faced this for the first time, we just reactivated the float server with the same key, and it kept working as usual for a while. But in a few months it happened again. Now we have at least 4 client complaints during the past 9 months regarding the issue.

The only clue we have at the moment is that looking through the timeline, some of the server failure dates match up with scheduled Security patching (which would likely trigger a reboot).
For the last year, Server patching would have occurred for this server on:

Mar2019, Cancelled
Apr2019, Cancelled
26Jun2019, Cancelled
Nov2019, Cancelled

You can find the float server logfile here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s4zrebbuof1lz55/float_server_05.04.2020.log?dl=0

Could you pls. help us find and resolve the cause of the issue?

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The error code refers to activation limit reached. This would happen if your on-premise floating key allows 1 server activation and your customer would try to activate it on another machine without deactivating the license on the previous machine or the device fingerprint has changed.

We have also identified a bug which is causing reactivation on server restart in v3.x, we can issue a bug fix build for that which will return the correct error code, in this case most probably machine fingerprint changed error. You also you need to deactivate the license activation server side to allow your client to continue using the license…

You are using a very old version of LexFloatServer (3.x is deprecated). We strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version v4.x. It’s highly stable and migration just requires few function renames in the LexFloatClient.



Hi Adnan. Thanks for your helpful reply. We’ve updated Cryptlex to v4 for our recent versions, but the client uses one of the previous versions of our software which we have to support. Could you please issue a bug fix build for v3?

Thank you.


Hi Alex,

Which OS are you using in this case?



Hi Adnan,

It’s Windows Server 2016

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Please find attached the build v3.0.4. This won’t be available for public download as LexFloatServer 3.x is deprecated.


Hi Adnan,

Unfortunately your fix didn’t resolve the issue. A few months passed and out client faced the same problem with the only difference - error code is now 1:

[2020-07-22, 15:11:44] Info: License Refresh Request from:
[2020-07-22, 15:11:44] Info: License Refreshed:
[2020-07-22, 15:12:14] Error: License not activated! Please activate the license using a license key.
[2020-07-22, 15:12:14] Error code: 1
[2020-07-22, 15:12:14] Error: Total license count not available

Any thoughts?


We have made lot of improvements and bug fixes in LexFloatServer v4 which fixes some issues of this type. Since the codebase is different it’s not possible to backport the changes to v3.

If this error occurs once in a while we recommend re-activating the server, till you migrate to v4.