Find Offline Actvations from List of all activations


I hope I am missing something obvious, but … from the list of all activations for a license, is there a way to tell if the license was activated offline or not? Alternatively, if I retrieve a specific activation is there some way to tell?

I didn’t see anything and had hoped to use metadata field to indicate this but the offline activation endpoint doesn’t accept metadata parameters.


Hi Daniel,

You can set the metadata in the client before generating the offline request. So using the metadata you can set a marker for the offline activations.


Hi and thanks for the quick reply.

Do you mean setting metadata for the client? We will be supporting clients who may have more than one license/activation and it may be that not all of the activations are offline. I’m not sure I understand how to use the info in your answer to tell if a specific activation was offline or not.

Sorry if it’s obvious. Can you provide more details or a reference?


To follow up on this, client and/or a license could have both offline and online activations. We don’t actually even set up users in Cryptlex.

Since the endpoint for creating offline activations doesn’t accept metadata I don’t see how I could use it here. When I retrieve an activation, it doesn’t appear to have anything I could use to tell if it was online or off.

I don’t think I can do what I need through the API. I would even look at storing extra data on my end, like the activation id, but I that doesn’t seem to get returned by the call to create the offline activation.

Any clarity you could provide here would be really helpful, even if just to confirm that it can’t be done.


Hi Daniel,

The API endpoint for offline activation expects the encrypted payload. The payload is same as that in the online activation but encrypted.

So if you call SetActivationMetadata(“is_offline”, “yes”) before calling GenerateOfflineActivationRequest() function you will see this metadata in the offline activation in the dashboard.


Thank you, Adnan! It was obvious and I was missing it.