Failed activation due to E_VM error (virtual machine)

I have a customer that is getting error code 80, E_VM, when trying to activate a license.

Whats odd is that the customer is not using a virtual machine, but instead macOS in a physical Mac Pro machine. However the customer does have Parallels installed on the machine, can that somehow cause cryptlex to incorrectly detect virtual machine usage?

Hi Francis,

What is the LexActivator version being used?

We’re using version 3.7.1

Try using the latest version and see if it replicates. I remember a similar issue was fixed in one of the releases.

OK thanks I’ll try that.

I think also I’ll set “Allow VM” on all our licenses.
I can see the reason to restrict VM usage for trials (to stop people getting endless trial by creating new VMs).
But for licenses, the reason to restrict VM is not so important; or am I missing something?

Adnan, can you advise on pro/cons of “Allow VM” for licenses?

It’s possible to create multiple clones of any VM which are true clones - meaning it’s not possible to distinguish between them. So, LexActivator will treat all of them as same machines and same license key can be used to activate your app on all these cloned VMs.

Hello all,
we are using cryptlex protection for our product for the first time so I am searching this forum for a hint how to fix this issue.
One of our team members has this trouble. He gets LA_E_VM error when trying to activate a license. He is on macBookPro with one OS only and no parallels or virtual machine installed. The product uses LexActivator libs 3.16 and current build 3.17.1, still the same trouble. All other testers (more than 10 machines used) did not have this trouble.
Do you already know the reason for this trouble and is there some other solution than allowing VM in license settings?
Thank you for any hint.V.


Can you please send us the license key at Also share the activation page screenshot.