External release files with external link

Does the code need to be altered when an external link is being provided for the release file on Cryptlex? I am obtaining the releaseId from the https://api.cryptlex.com/v3/releases/update and the license key from the LexActivator.h callback.

curl https://releases.cryptlex.com/v3/{RELEASE_ID}/myapp.zip?key={LICENSE_KEY}

when using the above I get the following error message:

’<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
AccessDeniedAccess DeniedN579B21G163Y6DYFFLxsVAguyAl4Rey+6MCvNtuZ24kImxe02X83jreWbe3dDp2e4oAxXJ0ioy9Mx0JBjb+RVwN3rSY=curl: (3) URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL’

The doc does say: The external release files are not secured and hence don’t require*key** query parameter for download.* but it if remove the key from the url i just get a ‘URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL’ response rather than the AccessDenied.

When an external link is provided, the URL won’t be a Cryptlex URL but your own URL. The response returned by the https://api.cryptlex.com/v3/releases/update endpoint contains the download URL.

So its not possible to use the cryptlex link as a proxy so that the download counter is still able to be used?

Yes, that is correct.