Expected result from IsTrialGenuine() after trial extension


Whats the expected return code from IsTrialGenuine(), for trials that have been extended via the cryptlex admin portal?

I’m trying to add support for trial extensions to my app.
When the trial has ended, IsTrialGenuine() returns LA_TRIAL_EXPIRED, as expected.
When this happens, my app shows the trial ID to the user (from GetTrialId() API), so that they can email it to me and request an extension. I then use the admin portal to extend the trial another 30 days.
But after that, IsTrialGenuine() still returns LA_TRIAL_EXPIRED.

What else do I need to do app-side, so it sees the new trial expiry date from the server?


Hi Francis,

After you extend the trial in the dashboard, you need to call activateTrial() again from the client to sync the changes.