Example of testing for new release in C# code


Hi, Do you have a simple example of how my C# application can check to see if there is a new release available for download ?

I know nothing about using curl etc and cannot find anything in the LexActivator.cs relating to release management. I have found some information here (https://docs.cryptlex.com/release-management/distributing-releases) and also some in the Web API about release management but nothing in the way of examples.

I am assuming the work flow goes along the lines of my client requesting the “latest release” information from the v3 server and then checking against its own version info, followed by downloading and installing a new release if required.

Any help would be much obliged


Hi Tobby,

curl is a command line HTTP client, you can use browser too. As discussed in chat, publishing the release resolved your issue.


Hi Tobby,

You can now use CheckReleaseUpdate() function to check for updates. The github sample has been updated with the example.