Error while using @cryptlex/lexactivator in my nodejs application running using alpine docker image

I’m getting the following error on using @cryptlex/lexactivator package in my nodejs application running in alpine docker image.

Error: Error relocating /app/node_modules/@cryptlex/lexactivator/lib/bindings/linux/musl/x64/lexactivator.node: nghttp2_version: symbol not found

I’m using the following Dockerfile:

FROM node:14.15.4-alpine

ENV BUILD_PACKAGES="libgcc libstdc++ python3 linux-headers make gcc g++ git libuv bash libcurl curl tar bzip2 build-base icu icu-libs icu-dev nghttp2 nghttp2-dev nghttp2-libs musl-dev"

RUN apk --update --no-cache add --virtual .builds-deps ${BUILD_PACKAGES} && \
    apk add ca-certificates && \
    apk add gcompat && \
    npm config set unsafe-perm true && \
    npm install node-gyp -g

COPY package*.json ./

 COPY  ./ ./

CMD ["npm", "start"]

I’m using @cryptlex/lexactivator: “^3.19.3”.

Thank you in advance.


We are looking into the issue. Will keep you posted.

Thanks @adnan-kamili

We have fixed the issue. Please upgrade the package version of cryptlex/lexactivator.

Working fine now.
Thanks @ahmad-kemsan @adnan-kamili