Error on license page in the new dashboard

When I go to, no licenses are displayed, the page is pretty much unresponsive (there are hover effects, but nothing happens when I click buttons), and the console is flooded by messages like this:


TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'Event')
    at G0.handleError (main.6f5b6b9417c7e43c.js:18:2982)
    at (main.6f5b6b9417c7e43c.js:68:26324)
    at (main.6f5b6b9417c7e43c.js:25:185141)
    at Q._next (main.6f5b6b9417c7e43c.js:25:184825)
    at (main.6f5b6b9417c7e43c.js:25:184520)
    at main.6f5b6b9417c7e43c.js:25:182487
    at g (main.6f5b6b9417c7e43c.js:25:208862)
    at (main.6f5b6b9417c7e43c.js:25:182326)
    at h1.emit (main.6f5b6b9417c7e43c.js:52:611)
    at main.6f5b6b9417c7e43c.js:52:73045
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Please try clearing the cache and see if it resolves the issue.

Indeed it does, thanks!