Error codes from web API responses for iOS and Android

I am trying to integrate Cryptlex into a cross-platform library and I believe I have to use the Web API for iOS and Android (correct me if I’m wrong). This has been rather straightforward, but I want to have consistent error reporting across all platforms. On platforms where I can use your library, errors are conveniently coded.

Unless I am missing something, I assume you are mapping http messages to return codes but I cannot find any documentation for the web API which would allow me to mimic this behaviour.

Can you either share the code for this translation or point me to a comprehensive list of http messages so I can do it myself? Any other advice for working with the web API would on iOS and Android would also be appreciate


Hi Daniel,

We have had requests to create a Lexactivator build for Android. If you can wait for week or a two, we will give our try with the android and ios builds. If we find it’s not feasible, we will document the error codes for the web API in our docs section.

Thanks Adnan, I will work with what I have for now but the native libraries would make things a lot easier and be really appreciated.

If it’s not feasible, can you share source for your conversion from HTTP response messages to the existing error codes to save me having to implement the translation?

We will document the errors in our docs section soon, till then i have PM you the details.