Error 48 from ActivateLicense on Windows 7

Some of our users on Windows 7 (yes I know it is well out of date) are reporting error 48 when trying to activate a license. This is using LexActivator 3.14.9.

I have created myself a Windows 7 SP1 virtual machine using a very old ISO. I have not been able to perform any Windows updates on it so I may have some out of date drivers and other things. However, it does reproduce the user’s problem. I installed our software suite and tried to get a license and encountered error 48. I then took a simpler executable that also uses LexActivator and it too was unable to get a license.

I can use Google Chrome and command line curl.exe to make a status request to our Cryptlex server URL and it returns the json packet containing the “healthy” message. Interestingly, Internet Explorer 8, the default on the machine, is unable to connect and return the healthy status.

I have no idea how to diagnose what the problem may be. Turning off the firewall makes no difference. The machine has no antivirus software on it and no software has been installed other than Chrome and the Ricardo Software suite. The Ricardo installer adds a newer VS2015 redist than the one your docs point to so that should not be an issue.

Have you had reports of Windows 7 problems with LexActivator from other customers?

Hi Gary,

For your on-premise setup, only TLS 1.2 and above are enabled and Windows 7 SP1 may not support that without updates. We can enable TLS 1.0, 1.1 for your servers in case you want to fix the issue.

Or you can install the following update on Windows:

I would recommend the later.

Hi Adnan,

Thank you for this. It did not work on my virtual machine but that machine is stuck at the 2011 state of Win 7 SP1 and not the end-of-life state. We’ll try the fix on a real user’s machine. If it doesn’t help us we may be asking for a server configuration change.