Email template triggers and placeholders

With the addition of the Maintenance Policies (which I previously stated I love), we need a way to trigger an email when the maintenance policy is about to expire. I think in general it is not useful to have a License Policy and a Maintenance Policy for the same license, so we have set our License Policy to Lifetime expiration. This means that we have no way to trigger an email when the Maintenance Policy is about to expire. Please don’t suggest that we set up a license policy that matches our maintenance policy, because this puts us in the situation where we would need to extend licenses for customers with whom we no longer have a maintenance agreement. This could become a maintenance nightmare.

Also, the date placeholders in the email templates are not working for us. We have tried using {{license.expiresAt}} and {{license.expiresAt | format_date: “G”}}, but the field does not show up in the test or real emails being sent. I noticed that I can use the {{license.maintenanceExpiresAt}} field, but this also has no effect in the outgoing email.

I have been able to use {{license.user.lastLoginAt | format_date:“G”}} and that shows up properly in our test and real emails, so the problem appears to only be with license.expiresAt.

Ok, I think I see what’s going on here. Since we are using Lifetime license policies, license.expiresAt has no value. And since I was dong my testing on licenses that were not activated, and had a Maintenance Policy expiration strategy of Delayed, license.maintenanceExpiresAt had no value either.

My first request, for a license.maintenanceExpiresSoon event to trigger emails, still stands. I think in order to make that work we would also need a “maintenanceExpiringSoonEventOffset” field, correct?


Yes, you are right, the value for these properties may not be available till activation.

We will be adding the events related to maintenance expiration soon. The feature is actually still in beta, so once it stabilises all the requested events will be available.