Download release file



Does a license holder need an account on to download files that were uploaded as part of a release?



No, using users is completely optional. A user only needs a license key and download url to download the release file.


My test user is currently getting this error when following the download link I sent to her from the release page on my account:

HTTP 403 error
Microsoft Edge can’t get to this page
Try this

  • Log in to the website (if you can)
  • Go back to the last page



The url is protected you need to add license key to the url, please check out the release management docs section, it’s discussed in detail.


Thanks! That worked.


I sent the link to my colleague. The link worked from a private mode in my computer, but on her computer it gives her a 404 error.


Please ensure link is correct.


Thanks, I had an extra “%20” in the URL for some reason. It works now.