Docker container works fine until docker image is updated

As the title suggests license works inside a docker container just fine, however when a new image is updated (docker compose down ; docker compose pull ; docker compose up -d) the license no longer works.

I’ve added the directory hosting bconf into a volume inside docker compose which doesn’t seem to resolve the problem.

I changed to a Hosted Floating policy with the following:

  • Per Instance
  • Lease duration 3650
  • Server sync 3600
  • Fingerprint Exact
  • Expiration Immediate

I’m open for any suggestions on what I should look at.

Hello @curtishall

From what I can infer in this situation, you might be creating zombie activations in the license that you are using.

To prevent this situation, you will have to ensure that the license activation is dropped when docker compose down is called.

Let me know if this answers your question

You can reduce the downtime (license activation not being available become it is zombie state) by setting server sync interval to 180s and lease duration to 200s.

Alternatively, you can use a LexFloatServer to license the docker compose app.

I’m on the “startup” plan…can I set my times that low?

Will the LexFloatApp run in a docker environment? I’m trying to avoid maintaining packages for different Linux distributions.


Your current plan does not allow for server sync interval of less than 3600 seconds!

For licensing to work properly LexFloatServer should itself be node-locked to any physical machine. Running it inside the Docker will defeat the purpose.


Your current plan does not allow for server sync interval of less than 3600 seconds!

That’s kinda crappy to have that limitation when paying $100/month :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear that our pricing does not meet your expectations. We would love to know what the ideal pricing would be for you to ensure we can support you better in the future.