Do I need to update my app when Product.dat file content changes?


Every time I download the Product.dat file the content of the file changes, even though I haven’t changed any of the product information on the portal. This means that the product data embedded in my app using SetProductData now no longer matches the content of this “new” Product.dat file.

Will that not break the LexActivator functionality in my app?

Can you please leaborate on what the “product data” does, and why it changes every time I download the file?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @deonvn

Product.dat just contains the product ID, public key, and a few other details. But every time you download it, this data is fetched from the database, encrypted using the AES encryption algorithm, and served as a file download.

AES generates different encrypted data every time it is used, even if the data is the same. So content is always the same, just the encrypted data appears different.

Hope that this was helpful.


I guess that the Product ID and the Public Key for a particular product will then stay the same forever once a product has been created. Changing the Product Details, Metadata, Versions, Feature Flags, Releases etc. at a later date will not affect the contents of the Products.dat file at all, and the Product ID and Product Data that I embedded in my app when the product was first created will still be valid.

Is that correct?

Yes, that is correct.

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