Different Computer Account



We are using this code example here to activate and validate the license. We are using a single product id for several products and it’s working well except we have an issue. When we activate with the example here from one Windows user account

we can’t validate from any other Windows user account, it acts like the license is either invalid or tampered with. We created new keys and I unchecked the “User Lock” option in the online dashboard. Are we missing something such as additional steps? We’d like to be able to validate our single license file from any Windows user account.



When you activate a license, the activation data is stored in user’s registry settings. Hence when you try to verify using other OS user, it doesn’t detect the local activation data.

You need to activate the license for each user (though only single activation will be consumed). You can also store license key in your app settings and if it exists use it to auto-activate the license for other users.


Hi Adnan,

So what would the steps be to get such a solution working? After initial activation of first user store the serial key in a global accessible area for any other users and each time our app runs have our app attempt to activate the license? If that’s what you mean which API and return code would let us know that the license is activated and still valid, the ok return code I assume?



If IsLicenseGenuine() function returns LA_FAIL it means that license is not activated. In that case check if license key exists in a global accessible area and try activation.