Development Request for License Filters and License Metadatas

I have some advices for the License screen and License Metadata.
Firstly, in the license screen if I want to filter the licenses by customer, there is no parameter for customer in the filter modal.
Secondly, in a license, if I have so many metadatas for controlling some situation, I have to call them seperately and this is very hard to code. I think there should be a method for calling all metadatas with their names. So I can iterate them to control the situation. Thank you so much.

Hello @erenornek

Thank you for the feedback. I urge you to use the new Admin Portal at which has a revamped filtering system for you to add filters with ease.

You can easily filter Metadata by Key or Value. To batch update Metadata, I would recommend using a script to call the Web API. This could be done using our official JavaScript Web API client.

Alternatively, you could use Feature Flags and Product Versions to handle this scenario if you don’t have license-level overrides of features.

Let me know if this answers your question. Looking forward to your feedback on the new Admin Portal.