Deciding number of Allowed Deactivations


What are the good practices, questions, issues when setting the number of Allowed Deactivations when creating a license? For example, if the number of Allowed Activations is 5 (determined by contract), what is the thought process that should be used when creating the Allowed Deactivations?

If the number of allowed deactivations is set too high, I could see how the user might abuse this in some way.

If the number is set too low, then the user will be calling us up more frequently when they upgrade their hardware.


Hi Thomas,

A value of 2 or 3 is recommended. The best value can be determined over time, depending on how often your customers deactivate.


I had a similar question to this.

Why does there have to be a limit of the number of deactivations?

For my license policy, I have it set to 999 right now.
Is this going to expose me to some issues?!


Hi Francis,

Suppose your customer buys one license with one allowed activation, but has 10 machines. If you allow high number of allowed deactivations, your customer can use the license on all 10 machines (only one at a time) by deactivating the license on machine 1 and activating it on machine 2 and so on.


Even in that scenario, that app can only be used on a single machine at time, right?

At least for my particular app, its not a problem if the customer wants to move the app between 10 different machines.


Yes, the app can only be used on a single machine at a time.