Creating multiple licenses via Zapier from single order


Currently our payment/licenseing flow is this: fastspring -> zapier -> cryptlex
This uses the zapier cryptlex plugin.

This works great when the order is for a single license, but if a customer purchases multiple licenses on the same order, it does not handle this, and only one license gets created in cryptlex.

Can you recommend the best way handle this?

The cryptlex zapier plugin does not support a “number of licenses” field (as far as I know).
And I don’t think zapier supports looping…


Hi Francis,

There are many ways you can integrate FastSpring and Cryptlex. Using Zapier is simple but has it’s limitations.

Please check the following two additional ways, which let you write code to completely customize the process:

Hosting the integration script on your own server:

Hosting the integration script on FastSpring:

In case you want any additional help, we can also write you the integration script at a nominal cost.



Yes, integrating fastspring and cryptlex together directly is an alternative.
However, it is convenient to use zapier, so if possible I’d like to continue.

I see when I create a license directly in the cryptlex admin website, there is a field for “Total licenses”, which sounds like what I need.

Would it be possible to set that field when creating the license from zapier?


The total licenses field is just a local property, which is used to run the loop in the browser itself to generate multiple licenses.

An option maybe is to use totalActivations property, which will create a single license but allow activation on multiple machines.


Do you think you could support the “Total licenses” on server-side instead?


That won’t be possible server side. We will see if it would be possible to add support for the same in the Cryptlex Zapier plugin. Will keep you posted.


For our system, I now implemented our own server backend that can create multiple licenses, and no longer use Zapier.