Creating a batch of licenses


Does cryptlex support generating a batch of license codes, that are not yet tied to a user?

The usecase would be for promotional give-aways, or selling via third party reseller who does not interact directly with the licensing server.

I’m migrating from devmate, and we used this feature for both those purposes.
For example, at trade shows, I would print out 50 vouchers with pre-generated license codes, and give these out to people. Later when they downloaded the app and entered the code, it would first prompt them for name + email; devmate would then create a new user and activate it against that license code.


Hi Francis,

You can easily generate upto 100 license keys in a batch. In the license form dialog you can see the TotalLicenses property, which can be used for this purpose.

To create the user and associate it with the license, you will need to write some server code and invoke following endpoints: (to create the user) (to associate user with the license)