Comments on the Dashboard

When looking at the list of licenses, it is useful to me to have the Notes column turned on. But this setting doesn’t seem to be “sticky”. Each time I visit the page (or refresh it) I have to go to settings and make the column visible again. It’s really annoying.

I would love to have filters for the metadata and meter attribute listings in a license (both on the license summary page and in the edit dialog). When there are a lot of entries it’s hard to find the right one by scrolling, especially when there is no apparent rule to the order. Ctrl-F works but it would be nicer to filter to a short list.

To save the state of columns is on the todo list.

You already have a filter for metadata entries in the licenses table (filter icon). We will add support for meter-attributes.

I see no filter when I click into an individual license. The only filter is on the table of all licenses.

Oh you mean filter in the metadata table on license. Sure will get that added.

Yes, in the table on the license. Filter for metadata and filter for meter attributes. If possible, the same filters also on the edit dialog for the license. We are looking at a scheme where we have families of attributes that all start with the same prefix, so filtering those lists down to just the items with the prefix would be very helpful.