Combined lexActivator & lexFloatClient libs

We’re now adding lexFloatClient support to our OSX & Windows app, and ran into the fact that on Windows we (for now) can only link to lexFloatClient dynamically. According to Static linking both LexActivator and LexFloatClient it may be possible in the near future to link in both statically on Windows too (thumbs up for that!), but I would like to add an extended feature request:

Why not also offer a combined static lib including both? I assume both libs now internally make use of lots, or at least some, shared code, and combining them into one lib could give a nice size reduction. Right now lexActivator adds an extra ~1MB to our binaries, and I suppose an additional statically linked lexFloatClient would too. Maybe the linkers could detect some duplication and remove it, but I guess they can’t. And since we make a suite of 60+ individual plugin dlls, having an extra 1MB added to each due to lexFloatClient would be a bit wasteful.

Hi Carl,

You can yourself combine the static-libs into a single archive on Linux and Mac. It’s very simple. Both libs share very little code, so you won’t save on size.