Client based or custom hardware fingerprint



Is there any plan down the road to allow for a custom hardware fingerprint, generated ahead of time (either by the expected node-locked machine or other arbitrary means?).




This is somewhat already supported, if you directly use the web API.

If you want to use your own fingerprint, then there is not any major advantage of using the LexActivator library. An implementation in C# is also available, which doesn’t implement fingerprinting and storage.


Thanks for pointing that out, I completely overlooked using the web API. One question, of the required fields needed to send via the post request (key, hostname, os, fingerprint, appVersion, userHash, and productId), presumably the supplied product ID must match the associated ID of the provided license key. Other than that, are all the other fields allowed to be arbitrary strings? Or do they need to match something specific (ie. are they checked and validated on the Cryptlex side of things). I’m getting a 400 error (with message “incorrect value”) when attempting to create an activation via the web API.


The OS field is validated, with following allowed values:

windows, linux, macos, android, ios

Also, ensure that fingerprint matching strategy is set to exact.