Can LexFloatServer active multi licenses of the same product?



I have a product with some features (ex. A, B, C, D). In case a customer want to use a feature A with x concurrent users (ccu), feature B with y ccu. It means I need to create 2 licenses, with metadata feature key for each feature with different ccu number
So, on the local server machine:
1- can I active a LexFloatServer with 2 license keys at the same time?
2- if 1 is NO, do I need to run 2 LexFloatServers?
3- how does the client connect and choose what feature to be leased license?

Thank you,


Hi Tom,

LexFloatServer can use only one license at a time. Your use-case can be implemented using meter attributes. Instead of creating metadata fields, you can create meter attribute fields e.g. A, B, C, D. Then set max value for each.

Then each lexfloatclient can consume x number of feature uses from the license.


Thank you. It sounds good