Batch-Extend Trials

In the new Admin Dashboard, in Trials, there is a batch-selection feature, which is excellent. However, the only batch action I see that we can take is Delete.

We would like to select say 50 trials, and then Batch-Extend all of them by e.g. 30 days.

Batch-extending trials is useful in several scenarios. For instance, for a new client whose users are testing out a software. Or for a new software that is in beta but not yet feature complete. Or for special campaigns.

How do we batch-extend trials in the dashboard?

If batch-extending trials is currently not available, we would like to request Cryptlex to add this useful feature.

Hello @Matheron

Thank you for reaching out. I have recorded your feedback and will be forwarding it to the team. I will keep you in the loop as and when I get an update from the development team.

Great, thank you.

In the software tools we develop, wherever we can, we try to build in support for batch editing from the get-go. Working in batch empowers users.

Computers were born to batch.

We agree!

We have enabled batch-extend for trials.

Great, thank you very much!

We will try this out next time we need it.