Automatic cleanup of inactive activations

Is there any functionality server-side to mark activations as inactive and eventually delete them?

Our current scheme makes a new activation every time a program runs. If the program exits cleanly, it deactivates. But if the program is killed or crashes, it leaves the activation behind. We can use the web API to find and delete these activations ourselves, but it would be nice if we could set something server-side that would automatically remove them after some specified time.

If we think about changing to an activate-once model the server-side cleanup becomes less important. However, it would still allow us to have automatic cleanup of activations that get left behind when a user doesn’t deactivate or uninstall properly (eg when moving to a new computer and the old one gets re-imaged or thrown away without the software being deactivated).

Hi Gary,

Activations get deleted automatically when lease duration is over (if not renewed). So, this functionality is already available server-side.