API: Generating licenses in bulk

Do you plan on adding support for generating multiple licenses at once using a single API call?

Right now the only endpoint i can use to generate license is Create a license which creates a single license documented here: Cryptlex Web API.

I would like to be able to give it a number of license keys i want to generate and i would get list of keys.
With every other parameter staying the same - email, number of activations, license policy etc.

With you tight limit of number of api calls (50 calls in 5s window) i suspect i will be getting into trouble if a user buys 50 licenses or when i am generating bulk number of 100s licenses for the distributors.

Also it seems inefficient to generate them one by one, not to mention the time it takes when one API call is like half a second.


Hi David,

We don’t plan on adding a single endpoint to generate bulk licenses.

I would recommend sending 50 reqs in parallel to generate 50 licenses in half a second.

In the dashboard, we allow generating bulk licenses (in license form you have the total licenses field), and it does the same thing sends 50reqs in parallel.

The script you are writing to generate the license can actually wait for 5 secs if it receives 429 response code. We are planning to add this retry logic automatically in our client library so you don’t have to worry about this. In case you are using node.js you can use our client library:

Hello @Laso

We do not intend to create a separate endpoint on the Web API for creating multiple licenses.

Our official web-api-client for JavaScript runtimes like NodeJS has gracefully handled creating multiple licenses in a way that is performant, efficient, and complete. It also handles waiting for rate limit windows, and server errors.

Even the internal functions in the web-api-client project are well documented, so you can go through the codebase to replicate the same logic in your language of choice. If there is anything we can help you with, let us know.