Android APP_PLATFORM version

Hi Adna,
I’m adding Android build support for our C++ application. We are using LexActivator.
So the build of our app is with the NDK. We wanted to address the largest android devices possible so we set the APP_PLATFORM to 16. But we have link errors (here is an excerpt):
[exec] ld: error: undefined symbol: stderr
[exec] >>> referenced by setopt.c
[exec] >>> libcurl_la-setopt.o:(Curl_vsetopt) in archive platforms/jni/…/…/ext/Cryptlex/3.17.2/LexActivator-Static-Android/libs/clang/arm64-v8a/libLexActivator.a

After some tests, I found out that the link works if I set the APP_PLATFORM to android-23. Did I miss something to build for android-16?

Hello Pat,
We have set our ANDROID_API or minSdkVersion for compiling the library to API 23. This is due to the fact there is no support for arm64 upto API 21. With advancements in API 23, and the API 21-22 collectively amounting to just 5.9% of Google Play based devices in 2021, we chose to advance the minSdkVersion to API 23.

Regards, Azan