Allowed floating clients limit reached error in LexFloatServer

LexFloatServer contains activated license (was activated using offline activation)

[2022-04-14 17:00:07Z] INF Server offline license activation request generation request from IP address: <ip-here>
[2022-04-14 17:00:07Z] INF Server offline license activation request generated successfully!
[2022-04-14 17:00:44Z] INF Server offline license activation request from IP address: <ip-here>
[2022-04-14 17:00:44Z] INF Server offline license activation successful!

After that I try to “Activate” license on application side. LexFloatServer logs contains following error

[2022-04-14 17:13:59Z] INF Request failed! HTTP status code: 400
[2022-04-14 17:13:59Z] **ERR** ALLOWED_FLOATING_CLIENTS_LIMIT_REACHED Invalid request!I

and application side received following error:

code=49 message="The server has reached it's allowed limit of floating licenses.

License properties(which could be specific for this case):
TYPE: on-premise-floating
(checkbox) Allow VM Activation: true
(other checkboxes are disabled)

Question: What could be the reason of code = 49 and invalid response on LexFloatServer?

UPD: at startup of LexFloatServer it contains following logs:

[2022-04-14 17:47:44Z] INF Starting floating license server...
[2022-04-14 17:47:44Z] INF Total number of available floating licenses: 0

Not sure is it related of not to this issue.


The allowed activations property means the number of LexFloatServers you can activate using the license. It is typicality set to 1.

You have to set “Allowed Floating Clients” property to 10002 to allow 10002 clients.


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Hi Yurii,

I am currently trying to activate the license but I was not able to do it. How to activvate the license and how to get the correct key ?

Thank you :smiley:

Hi Mahdi,

It seems that you have created an on-premise floating license which is used to activate the LexFloatServer (on-premise floating license server). You can either activate it using the Command Line or using the LexFloatServer Dashboard.

LexFloatServer can be activated using the offline activation method as well.