Allow license to work on virtual disk that can connect to a cluster of VMs


I have some colleagues that are working on VMs provided by Microsoft Azure, and the licenses that were activated on those VMs have disappeared because the next VM provided is totally different (I’ve checked by comparing the hardware IDs).
The licenses have the “Allow VM Activation” feature on, and I’ve tried with the fingerprint strategy on “loose”, and with the specific allowed IP, with no luck the fingerprint changes every time after starting the VM.

Is there a way to keep the license without returning the license every time before ending the session?

Hi Adrian,

Are you using node-locked license or floating licenses?

Hello Kamil,

All the licenses are node-locked.

Hi Adrian,

I guess you meant that local activation data keeps on disappearing.

In your scenario you can use floating licenses. They are bound to machines for a specific duration only. And license activation auto deletes from the Dashboard when lease duration is over (and not renewed). Please refer to the following:

We lock licenses to machine hardware like CPU etc. We don’t use any disk ids. In case you want to you can use SetCustomFingerprint() function and pass some disk id as fingerprint. Then this will work for node-locked licenses too.

Thank you for the help Kamil,
I’ve talked with my colleagues and they said that we can’t use floating licenses as they have a security disadvantage.
That it requires us to make an outside server, exposing a public IP with proper security.
It’s not impossible but a lot of work.

I can confirm there is no such requirement. Node-locked and floating licenses are almost same as far as requirements are concerned. The only additional requirement is an internet connection in case of hosted-floating license type.