Admin user's password is not valid

I created an account as an admin user and it had been okay for few days. However, it was blocked accidentally and it was not allowed to reset its password. So I deleted the account and created the same one. The same problem repeated again. I want to know why my admin account, not super admin account, keeps getting blocked.

Hi Ted,

Are you sure you are using the correct sub-domain for the login? is only meant for super users.


We are using the correct one.

What is the error on the login page?

Authentication Failed. Please try again!

This would occur if password is incorrect. Please try resetting the password.

We tried resetting the password several times, but it never sent email to reset it. I don’t think it is email server issue because we get emails when new admin is created.

Which dashboard url did you use for password reset? If you didn’t receive the email then email is incorrect.

Here is the dashboard url I used - I can’t imagine that the email is incorrect. The user got welcome email when the account was created. We did the sample test several times.

Can you share the email address, and any specifc special character you may be using.

Please send these details to