Activations remaining


I have one product and single version, with product keys having different numbers of allowable activations, differentiated by a custom field. Is there any way to get the number of activations remaining in my application, for a particular activation key. Doesn’t appear to be a function in Lexactivator.


Hi Vil,

What is the use case of knowing number of allowed activations, because a machine can anyways use only one activation. When all the activations are consumed, ActivateProduct will return the error code notifying you of the limit reached.


It would be useful for a user who has purchased eg a 20 user pack to know how many activations they have remaining. Most applications allow you to know how many activations you have remaining although most times through a user login on a website. Wanted to keep things simple if possible and just have it notify number of activations when a new instance is activated/deactivated. I see it can be obtained using pkey/get with the web API so I guess user could enter product key to obtain a result on the website, but would be handy to have it within the application.


This is done through web api, and a customer portal around web api is needed




It would be very helpful if such capability would be part of the C API. It would make things much more easier.



The value returned can be stale (depending on when the server sync occurred), and hence misleading.