Activations fail with "ACTIVATION_LIMIT_REACHED"

I’m using the Web API to activate licenses, but it always fails with the error “Activation failed!” and the error code “ACTIVATION_LIMIT_REACHED”

It happens regardless of the license I try to activate (they all have room for activations). I’m developing against a free Cryptlex account which should have room for 10 concurrent activations, but at present there are 0 activations across all licenses. Is there a total lifetime activation limit per account?

I thought the API might be reporting the wrong error code. The activation request is here:

    "key": "<license key>",
    "metadata": [],
    "os": "linux",
    "fingerprint": "c793d502401dfd28a74d38af2507a9660d553038ccf6f3cadbcf1c69f5d5dcdc",
    "hostname": "archlinux",
    "appVersion": "DEVELOPMENT.GOGET",
    "userHash": "058c91ead7d6882321e2cda5f7dee44263670ca2e144ebf8c4fcd8ac395f624a",
    "productId": "a6ec15de-49a6-4f9a-9625-5121a35167c1"

It doesn’t seem like there’s any problem with the request and it worked previously - the error started without any changes being made to this request


This error can only occur when you have consumed 10 activations. Please check all your licenses once again for used activations.

I managed to stop the error - I had all 10 licenses created, but 0 activations for all of them. I removed one of the licenses and activations began working again. I suspect there is a bug in the API

Did you check the used activation count through table of licenses or individually checking each license. Maybe the dashboard table had outdated data being displayed.

I checked in the dashboard, the list of licenses, and on each license - I also verified that the license I deleted had 0 activations before removing it.

Deleting every activation was a last resort as well - there used to be 3 or 4 of them, but we deleted them one at a time and tried again, with no luck. Even if there were outdated information on the page, surely deleting an activation would immediately free up a slot (as it has in the past when we ran into the limit accidentally)

Deleting a license that had never been activated or deactivated did stop the error from occurring though - which lowered our license count from 10 to 9