I want to support users moving their license between machines with max activations of 1 but unlimited deactivations. The idea being they activate on one at a time, but can move it to different machines by a) deactivate on the current machine, b) activate on the desired machine.

I don’t see a way to configure this at either the license policy or license instance levels.

  • Bob@Apex

Hi Bob,

We don’t currently support unlimited deactivations for node-locked licenses. I would recommend setting the value to the max value of int.

The challenge is that max activations seem not to decrement with each deactivation.

What we are trying to express is that no more than one current node-locked license may be activated. The idea was, if max activations = 1, and max deactivations = N, then I can deactivate as many times as I want as a user. Each deactivation would decrement total activations, so that each active license I deactivate sets total activations to 0, thus allowing me to move a license to another machine.

Hi Bob,

AllowedDeactivations keeps track of max allowed deactivations.

TotalDeactivations keeps track f total deactivations done.

AllowedActivations keeps track of max allowed activations.

TotalActivations keeps track of used activations.

On each deactivation the value of TotalDeactivations will increment by 1 and the value of TotalActivations will decrement by one, allowing you to move the license to another machine.

Is there a way to know at startup that a license is activated, but not on this machine?

I cannot find a way to make this work. After deactivating on machine A and activating on machine B, machine A falls back either to a (possibly expired) trial activation, or says license check failed. I could easily deduce that it’s activated somewhere if I could see that, for example, the max activations have been reached, but I can’t read the license locally.

It would be great if the API helped with this somehow. If it already does, I can’t find it.

The only way to know on a machine which is not activated is by trying license activation and it will fail with the error max activations reached.