Activation flow for hosted-floating licenses?


I’m testing my license flow with hosted-floating licenses, and hoping you can explain why what I’m doing is wrong. :slight_smile:

According to the documentation, the only change necessary is that on shutdown, I have to call DeactivateLicense() to release a float license back to the server. I’ve done this, however it seems that licensing a hosted-floating system does not store or apply the license key locally like the standard node-locked license does, as my application always asks me for the key. Do I need to call SetLicenseKey with every run? This is not mentioned in the documentation, is a significant departure from node-locked, and makes using floats rather cumbersome.

Hosted floating licenses Feature Request

Calling DeactivateLicense () removes all the license data, so you need to call all the setter functions.

We will update the docs to mention this point.