ActivateTrial() creates a new trial on the same machine


I am not sure if this ActivateTrial() call is supposed to be, I thought calling the ActivateTrial() on the same machine, as long as the hardware has not been changed, should not start a new trial what’s so ever.

Here is a screenshot from the dashboard that shows my same machine starting a new trial.

My initial intent is to try to extend the first trial from the dashboard, and at the user end it calls ActivateTrial() to get an updated expiration date. If the ActivateTrial() isn’t what I should call it, then what is the right way to get the new updated expiration date on the user’s machine?

Thanks in advance!

I guess what is not clear to me is how ActivateTrial() determines if it is on an existing machine or a new machine. Calling ActivateTrial() within a couple of hours in the morning seems doesn’t create a new trial, but when I tried to call it again in the afternoon, it adds a new trial with a different trial ID. I think this might be a bug.


There is a limitation in trials related to fingerprint matching. On the client, it honours the fingerprinting strategy (fuzzy, exact etc.) but on the server side, the match is always exact in case of trials. So a small change in hardware config can result in a new trial activation. We will try to improve this behaviour in future.

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Hi @adnan-kamili just following up on this issue. Are there any updates on this?


We are working on a new flow. Will keep you posted.

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I am writing to inquire if there is any update on the timeline for the resolution of the reported issue. This functionality would be incredibly beneficial for my work.

Thank you for your help!


Could you please describe your use case? What is the reason for calling this function multiple times?

We want to add a feature to our product that allows us to extend the trial period. To ensure the client-side application receives information about the extension, we need to obtain the latest trial data. According to a suggestion on the forum: Cryptlex forum - Reset Verified Trial remotely, the only solution is to create a mechanism that periodically calls the ActivateTrial() function to fetch the current data.

Hello @Dominika

Thanks for sharing the use case. This feature is already on our roadmap. We ensure to keep you updated.

Your understanding and patience are highly appreciated.

Thank you!