ActivateLicenseOffline is giving fail error code when trying to do in C++

Hi all,

I’m experimenting cryptlex using trail version and activated the trail and followed each and every step mentioned.

I am trying to do an OfflineActivation

  1. Generated the OfflineRequestfile
  2. Generated the ResponseFile

Now, If i try to do the offline activation with the response file, it gives me Failure LA_FAIL status.
C++ Code

int offline_status = ActivateLicenseOffline("offline_response_76eb4a63-6013-4dfd-ae1f-fafec3d1bd81.dat");
printf("License Activation Status: %d\n", offline_status);
if(offline_status == 0){
	printf("License Activated Offline");
char* vv = new char[256];
int version_status = GetLibraryVersion(vv, 256);
printf("Version: %s\n", vv);
License Activation Status: 1
Version: 3.20.7

If I do the same steps in python, it works fine. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.
Python Code

I’m sure that the reponse file path is correct.

Please advice,
Thank you


The LexActivator python package is basically the wrapper around the C/C++ library, so it seems the error is on your end. Although the code snippet for C++ seems all fine! Please debug your program again and see if you can find something.


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Hi @ahmad-kemsan ,
Is there any format we need to send the respone file path? or is it direct string?

Program is having all the permissions to read the file

Yes, the response file path is simply a string which is to be passed as an argument to ActivateLicenseOffline().